HOW TO: Reserve a Meeting Room using Outlook

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To make a room reservation you will need to complete all of the following Tasks:
1. Open Outlook on your computer (configured with your exchange account).
2. Create a New Meeting Request for the room you wish to reserve.
3. Fill out the Room Reservation form.


The following was performed using Outlook 2007 configured with access to Microsoft Exchange. (The procedures should be very similar for Outlook 2010.)

1. Open outlook and click new. Select Meeting Request.

2. Create the New Meeting Request:

a. On the request page you may invite
any of your guests using the ‘To…’ line by entering their email address(es). You may also elect to send out a separate form of invitation – in this case leave the ‘To…’ line blank.
b. Enter a Subject for you event/meeting.
c. On the far right side of the line that says location click the ‘Rooms…’ button.
You will be presented with a list of all the rooms on campus that can be reserved using this system.

d. Select the room that you would like to reserve by either double clicking it in the list or selecting it and clicking the ‘Rooms ->’ Button. Then click OK. You will notices that it populated the ‘Location:’ field as well as added the room as a recipient on the ‘To…’ Line. (Want to know if a particular room is available for the time you would like to use it? Click here for instructions.)
e. Set the Start/End Date and Time in the ‘Start time:’ and ‘End Time’ fields. (Remember these are the times you want to be in the room. If you need time to setup and or tear down be sure to add this to the time you enter.)
f. You may enter and optional message in the blank message text area.
g. Once you have completed the Meeting Request click the ‘Send’ button.

3. Fill out the Room Request Form: (Don’t take this portion of the process lightly. It is NOT optional. Your request will not be approved if you do not complete the form, and if someone else requests the same room for the same time and submits their form and is approved before you -You will have to find somewhere else or some other time to hold you event/meeting.)

You will receive a message from the room you requested stating that your request is pending approval. On the message is a link to the Room Reservation form.
a. Click on the link and open the Room Request Form.

b. Fill in your Personal Information.
c. If you are simply using the room for a meeting and you do not need any assistance/equipment from the college Select ‘No’ in the “Do You Require Setup and/or Cleanup” Field. All you will need to do is then Sign the statement agreeing that you will take responsibility for the care of the room and if any additional services are required by the university you will accept any financial charges that may occur from your use.
-If you do need assistance such as tables and chairs setup or A/V equipment select ‘Yes’ and fill out the additional information about the event. This will be sent to our Buildings and Grounds Associates and they will assist you with this setup (please not there will be charges made to you for this additional assistance).

d. Click on the ‘Submit’ button and the form will be electronically sent to our Room Reservation Administrator. A copy of the form will also be emailed to you for your records as well you can print a copy of the displayed form after you click the ‘Submit’ button.

Once our Room Reservation Administrator receives your form they will approve/disapprove your request and you will receive an Approval/Denial email.