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How to: Fill Out an Expense Report

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WinPatrol 2011 – What is it and what can Scotty do for you?

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In the OkWU Computer Services’ second article concerning computer software maintenance and security, I would like to present WinPatrol, another FREE security software. Well, you might ask what it is, and who is Scotty??? WinPatrol is, in my opinion, the most powerful system monitor currently available to the average computer consumer. Designed by Bill Pytlovany Scotty, WinPatrol’s Scotty has been patrolling and guarding personal and company computers since 1997. So what then, you might ask, is all the hubbub about a “system monitor”?! Then I would like to ask, have you heard of malware? Many people at least have a general idea of what malware is, and if you don’t Wikipedia provides an interesting article concerning this at


WinPatrol (represented in your system tray by a little Scottish terrier, a.k.a. “Scotty”) uses a heuristic behavioral approach to detect Zero-day attacks and other such violations to your computer. Take this simple analogy: imagine a burglar who tries to sneak in to your house or apartment unbeknownst to you, but your trusty guard dog is there to warn you, and prevent said burglar from entering. Scotty functions much the same. A program that offers similar system protection is SpyBot, also an excellent program, but the part of this program which offers similar security settings (teatimer.exe) has a memory footprint easily 50 times as large, which, in my opinion, is not a negligible difference. WinPatrol is available at for download and is completely FREE. A Plus edition of the software does exist and offers slightly faster performance; the difference in performance in my opinion is negligible, though I do suggest users buy the plus edition to help support the great work Bill Pytlovany is doing.

The install process of WinPatrol could not be more simple and requires only a few clicks, and less than five minutes.

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How to: Connect the EagleNet Master Calendar to Outlook

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Go to
In the quick launch on the left under Calendars click Master Calendar.

Click image to enlarge

On the Master Calendar page click the Calendar tab at the top.
Click the Connect to Outlook button on the ribbon at the top of the page.

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Click allow on the window that comes up asking to allow the website to open outlook on your computer.

Click yes on the window that comes up next asking to connect the Sharepoint Calendar to Outlook.

The Master Calendar will then load into your Outlook.

How to: Connect the EagleNet Document Library to Outlook

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To connect the EagleNet Document Library to Outlook so you can access the shared documents from the EagleNet site through Outlook complete the following:

1. Open Internet Explorer and go to
2. Click on All Site Content at the bottom of the left menu
3. Click on the Shared Documents link

Click image to enlarge

4. Click on the Library tab at the top of the page
5. Click the Connect to Outlook button in the Ribbon

Click image to enlarge

6. You should get a popup asking: Do you want to allow this website to open a program on your computer? Click Allow.

7. You may get another popup stating: A website wants to open web content using this program on your computer (Microsoft Office Outlook). Click Allow.

8.You will then get another popup asking if you want to connect the document library to Outlook. Click Yes.

Ofter Syncing with Sharepoint Outlook will show the Document Library in your Folder Lists under OKWU-Shared Documents.