Create Your Email Signature

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  1. Navigate to
  2. Near the bottom, in the section called Shared Documents locate the “Official OKWU Logos and Usage” folder. 002
  3. Select the folder called “Email Signature Logos”.
  4. Open the PDF called “OKWU Email Signatures_Spec Sheet”.
  5. Copy Jason’s email signature from the Email Signatures_Spec Sheet.005
  6. Open Outlook.
  7. Click “New Email” as if you are going to send an email to someone.
  8. At the top, in the ribbon (or menu, whatever you’d like to call it) there is a section called “Include”001
  9. In this section, locate signature, click the pull down arrow and select “Signatures…”
  10. Click on New, and select a name for your signature. I recommend “default”.004
  11. In the text box below, paste Jason’s copied signature.
  12. Make sure to correct the name, title, phone number (change it to your desk phone or department phone #), and email address to make the signature yours.
  13. Next, go back to Eaglenet and Select either Athletic Signatures or University Signatures and locate your correct department.
  14. Right click on the correct logo, go to “Send to” and select download a copy.006
  15. Now, in Outlook, select the “insert image” icon and locate your logo that you just downloaded. Make sure that it is in the correct place, one line above your name, and  the rest of your signature.003
  16. Compare your finished signature against what is displayed in the PDF from earlier. Make any changes needed to make it match exactly.