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How to Register your Office 365 Univeristy

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How to register you Microsoft Office University with OKWU?

If you have already purchased your product, here is how you can activate it, if you have any questions please email us at (this will generate a ticket) and explain your problem as best as you can. Someone will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you!


1. Go to:, which will take you to the following page. Do NOT click the “click here” link — you purchased Office 365 University, so you’re in the right place.

2. Type in the key from the email you received just after you placed your order and click the “Get Started” button. Please note that this is the only time you will ever have to enter your Office 365 University key.


3. After your key is accepted, sign in to or set up your Microsoft account from this page:


The following page shows the information Microsoft asks for when setting up an account:


4. After you’ve signed in to or created your Microsoft account, you will verify your academic eligibility by choosing the Get verified through my School option:



If you don’t find your school right away, please note that Microsoft may have it listed under a slightly different name, such as “Oklahoma Wesleyan University” vs. “Oklahoma Wesleyan.” If you’ve tried different ways of typing your school’s name and still don’t see it listed, you can verify your eligibility manually by clicking the “Contact Support” link on the lower left corner of this page: (There are different ways of getting to support. No matter how you get there, the chat option will yield the best results.)

When you’ve successfully verified your academic status, Microsoft will send you an email confirming your academic status, as indicated on the following screenshot.

Important! You must wait for that email and click on the link it contains (or copy and paste the link into your browser) before proceeding!


The academic status verification email will look something like this:


5. After you receive your academic status verification email, click on the Navigate to: link it contains. You must click on that link to finish confirming your academic status. If clicking the link doesn’t work, copy and paste it into your browser.

After following that link, follow the screen prompts to finish setting up your Microsoft account. When your account setup is complete, you will be logged in and taken to your “My Account” page:


On the above page, select Office for Windows or Office for Mac, then click the green “Install” button to download and install. (If you don’t want to install right away, you can come back to the installation page by going to this link: and logging in.)

If you’re installing on a Windows machine, Office will install automatically — you won’t have to download the installer, double-click, etc.

If your installation fails on a Windows machine and you need to start over, you should use this tool to uninstall what remains of your first installation attempt.

If you’re installing on a Mac, MicrosoftOffice2011.dmg will download to the Downloads folder. After it finishes downloading, double-click and follow the screen prompts to install. On first launch, you will be presented with the following choices. You should choose “Sign in to an existing Office 365 subscription.”



We also strongly recommend that, once you’ve set up your Microsoft account, you provide Microsoft with alternate ways to contact you in case you should lose access to your .edu account (when you graduate, for example). Without an alternate email address or phone number, it can be extremely difficult to access your account. You can find Microsoft’s instructions for adding alternate contact info here:

under “How do I add security info to my account?”



1. What happens after four years (?

The Microsoft Office University will only last for 4 (four) years after which it will be terminated and you will have to purchase a new copy for personal use.


How To: Update Your Global Address List

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  1. Open Microsoft Outlook
  2. Select the File Tab
  3. Navigate to Info > Account settings and Click on the Account Settings Menu Button:
  4. Select “Download Address Book…” from the list
  5. On the Offline Address Book window:
    1. Uncheck the “Download changes since last Send/Receive” Box
    2. Be sure the radio button next to “Full Details” is selected under ‘Information to download’.
    3. Be sure the “Global Address List” is selected under ‘Address book’.
    4. Click “OK”

An Outlook Send/Receive Progress Dialog should appear. Once the update is complete the window can be closed if it does not close automatically. This process may take several minutes. Once the Send/Receive is complete your Offline Address Book should be updated.

How to: Fill Out an Expense Report

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Stay Tuned… Directions Coming Soon

Go to Form

HOW TO: Reserve a Meeting Room using Outlook

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To make a room reservation you will need to complete all of the following Tasks:
1. Open Outlook on your computer (configured with your exchange account).
2. Create a New Meeting Request for the room you wish to reserve.
3. Fill out the Room Reservation form.


The following was performed using Outlook 2007 configured with access to Microsoft Exchange. (The procedures should be very similar for Outlook 2010.)

1. Open outlook and click new. Select Meeting Request.

2. Create the New Meeting Request:

a. On the request page you may invite
any of your guests using the ‘To…’ line by entering their email address(es). You may also elect to send out a separate form of invitation – in this case leave the ‘To…’ line blank.
b. Enter a Subject for you event/meeting.
c. On the far right side of the line that says location click the ‘Rooms…’ button.
You will be presented with a list of all the rooms on campus that can be reserved using this system.

d. Select the room that you would like to reserve by either double clicking it in the list or selecting it and clicking the ‘Rooms ->’ Button. Then click OK. You will notices that it populated the ‘Location:’ field as well as added the room as a recipient on the ‘To…’ Line. (Want to know if a particular room is available for the time you would like to use it? Click here for instructions.)
e. Set the Start/End Date and Time in the ‘Start time:’ and ‘End Time’ fields. (Remember these are the times you want to be in the room. If you need time to setup and or tear down be sure to add this to the time you enter.)
f. You may enter and optional message in the blank message text area.
g. Once you have completed the Meeting Request click the ‘Send’ button.

3. Fill out the Room Request Form: (Don’t take this portion of the process lightly. It is NOT optional. Your request will not be approved if you do not complete the form, and if someone else requests the same room for the same time and submits their form and is approved before you -You will have to find somewhere else or some other time to hold you event/meeting.)

You will receive a message from the room you requested stating that your request is pending approval. On the message is a link to the Room Reservation form.
a. Click on the link and open the Room Request Form.

b. Fill in your Personal Information.
c. If you are simply using the room for a meeting and you do not need any assistance/equipment from the college Select ‘No’ in the “Do You Require Setup and/or Cleanup” Field. All you will need to do is then Sign the statement agreeing that you will take responsibility for the care of the room and if any additional services are required by the university you will accept any financial charges that may occur from your use.
-If you do need assistance such as tables and chairs setup or A/V equipment select ‘Yes’ and fill out the additional information about the event. This will be sent to our Buildings and Grounds Associates and they will assist you with this setup (please not there will be charges made to you for this additional assistance).

d. Click on the ‘Submit’ button and the form will be electronically sent to our Room Reservation Administrator. A copy of the form will also be emailed to you for your records as well you can print a copy of the displayed form after you click the ‘Submit’ button.

Once our Room Reservation Administrator receives your form they will approve/disapprove your request and you will receive an Approval/Denial email.

How to Video: Login to Webaccess

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AGS Students
After you log in for the first time, it is highly recommended that you Change your password. To do so:

  1. Go to the ‘My Profile Tab’.
  2. Click on the ‘Account Information’ sub-tab
  3. Then Click on the ‘Password’ link in the left menu.
  4. Enter your old password (ex. P000012345)
  5. Create a new Password, Confirm it and press ‘Save’

(Click Image to Enlarge)

Accessing Archived Emails – SourceOne

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Because email is a vital communication source for most of us, our email inboxes continue to grow daily. Here at Oklahoma Wesleyan University all emails addressed to a recipient are stored on our exchange server. To keep this server up and running efficiently we need to ensure that the collection of emails from all of our email accounts is maintained and does not grow beyond what our server can handle. This means that we need to start moving old emails off the exchange server and store them elsewhere. To handle this task we have purchased an Email Archiving Solution called SourceOne. If you have an email address the following will explain how to access your emails once they have been moved from our Exchange server to the new SourceOne server.

Once a month our SourceOne Email Archiving Server will take emails that are 120 days old or older out of your email inbox on the exchange server and move them to the SourceOne server. It will replace your emails with an email that has shortcuts to access the original email from the SourceOne server. A shortcut email will look like this (click any image to make it larger):

From this email you have 3 options to access your old email if needed.

View Email as a Webpage

The first Option is: View original email as a webpage. Simply put clicking on this link will allow you to login in via a web browser (Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari, etc.) and view their email in a basic format without images or special formatting. Once you click on this link you will see the following login screen in your browser:


To login use your username and in the DomainUsername field type OKWUusername. Use your password in the Password field and click Logon. After you successfully login you will see your email and it will look something like this:

Again, there are no pictures and/or special formatting, just the basic words that made up the original message.

Restore Email

The Second option you have to View you email is to click on the link in the shortcut email that says: Restore original Message to the e-mail server. *You will be prompted with the same login screen that was mentioned above. Follow the same login instructions. This will put the original email back in your inbox directly under the shortcut email. It will also restore all images and special formatting. A restored email will look like this:

Please note: When the monthly maintenance cycle runs the restored email will be archived again and you will have to use the shortcut email to access the original message.

Save Email

The Third option you have to view you email is to click on the link in the short cut email that says: Download the original message. *Again, You will be prompted with the same login screen that was mentioned up above. Follow the same login instructions. You will then be prompted to save your message with the below screen:

You can click Open to view the message immediately or click Save and save the email to your computer or portable media and open it at a later time. If you save your email it will be placed in the location you specify in the Save As prompt. A saved email icon looks like this:

This option also restores images and special formatting.

These are the basics for accessing SourceOne archived emails. This solution will help keep our Exchange server freed up so it can continue to receive new messages daily for years and years to come.

New Storage

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Ok, for those of you who checked your email, responded to one of the three emails we sent and have been waiting – we have made the move to the new storage server.

Could you tell? …Hopefully not yet.

On-Campus – School Owned Computers

When you are on-campus using one of the school computers and you log in with your active directory account you should have a mapped drive to the new server that replaced an old mapped drive that connected the old server. Since we moved your files from the old server to the new one you hopefully didn’t see this change.

How to tell you are connected to the new drive:
Next time you’re logged into a school owned computer (or if you’re on one now) open ‘My Computer’ and look under the category “Network Drives”. You should see a drive with your student username followed by: on ‘okwuss’ (L:).

That’s it. You’re connected! Just be sure when you are using a school computer you save all your work to your L: Drive.

Off-Campus and from the Dorms – Personal Computers

Ok, now for the best part accessing your data from off campus from any where in the whole wide world…

…or from your dorm room:

Open your favorite web browser (Internet Exploder, Flier Fox, That Apple one? – Whatever you use — probably the one you’re using right now to view this blog) and go to: (The easy way to remember this is OKWU Student Storage = OKWUSS). You should see this screen:

Ok to explain how to log in we are going to role play and pretend we are the following example student. To make this work for real what you need to do is replace the example student’s info with your own.
Let’s Begin, say your parents were cool enough to give you a wicked sweet name like: Joshua Ryan Bell. Oklahoma Wesleyan University would have most likely, although not always the case, given you a username like: jrbell. Let’s then say when you came through the line at registration your freshman year (and since we know you never change your password) you chose a super secure password like: Ipay2Much4College. To log in you would use:

Username: OKWUjrbell
Password: Ipay2Much4College

THE END and don’t forget that OKWU part in the username field (it’s kind of important).

NOTE: If you emailed us a password that is different from the one that you use to log into the school machines and wireless internet (Active Directory) – DON’T USE the one you sent us. Use the password that logs you into the school computers and onto the wireless internet. What? Then why did I make you send me a password? I don’t know, I was bored.

Now go…Don’t think about it…Just do it…