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How to find what Books you Need for Class

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  1. Log into WebAccess with your username and password ( it’s the same username and password that you use for the student portal)
  2. Click on the Classes tab at the top.
  3. WebAccess

  4. In the menu below the tab, click on the Schedule link
  5. In the left hand menu, click on Student Schedule

    1. If it’s not displayed as a list, select Text under the Options heading in the left hand menu.
    2. Take note of your class department and course number.
  6. At the top again, in the menu below the tabs, select Founders Bookstore. It will open in a different window.
  7. Scroll about midway down the page and locate the section called “Buy Textbooks”. In that box, locate the pull-down menu titled “Search By Course”.
    1. If you are an AGS student, select your correct cohort
    2. If you are a Traditional student, select the correct semester
    3. Click on GO, once you’ve made your selection.
  8. Once the page loads, select your course, first by Department, then by course number, then lastly, if needed, by section number.

    1. The Department is usually a four letter designator, which matches the department of the respective course. For example, BUSI denotes a Business class.
    2. The course number is a four digit number following the department code.
    3. The section number denotes which class period of a certain class you are in, if there are more than one instance of that class in the same semester.
  9. You will then see what books that specific class requires, and how much that they cost from the Founders Bookstore.
  10. Have a Great Semester! If you have any questions about this process, please send an email to us at with as much detail as possible.

WinPatrol 2011 – What is it and what can Scotty do for you?

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In the OkWU Computer Services’ second article concerning computer software maintenance and security, I would like to present WinPatrol, another FREE security software. Well, you might ask what it is, and who is Scotty??? WinPatrol is, in my opinion, the most powerful system monitor currently available to the average computer consumer. Designed by Bill Pytlovany Scotty, WinPatrol’s Scotty has been patrolling and guarding personal and company computers since 1997. So what then, you might ask, is all the hubbub about a “system monitor”?! Then I would like to ask, have you heard of malware? Many people at least have a general idea of what malware is, and if you don’t Wikipedia provides an interesting article concerning this at


WinPatrol (represented in your system tray by a little Scottish terrier, a.k.a. “Scotty”) uses a heuristic behavioral approach to detect Zero-day attacks and other such violations to your computer. Take this simple analogy: imagine a burglar who tries to sneak in to your house or apartment unbeknownst to you, but your trusty guard dog is there to warn you, and prevent said burglar from entering. Scotty functions much the same. A program that offers similar system protection is SpyBot, also an excellent program, but the part of this program which offers similar security settings (teatimer.exe) has a memory footprint easily 50 times as large, which, in my opinion, is not a negligible difference. WinPatrol is available at for download and is completely FREE. A Plus edition of the software does exist and offers slightly faster performance; the difference in performance in my opinion is negligible, though I do suggest users buy the plus edition to help support the great work Bill Pytlovany is doing.

The install process of WinPatrol could not be more simple and requires only a few clicks, and less than five minutes.

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