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Ok, for those of you who checked your email, responded to one of the three emails we sent and have been waiting – we have made the move to the new storage server.

Could you tell? …Hopefully not yet.

On-Campus – School Owned Computers

When you are on-campus using one of the school computers and you log in with your active directory account you should have a mapped drive to the new server that replaced an old mapped drive that connected the old server. Since we moved your files from the old server to the new one you hopefully didn’t see this change.

How to tell you are connected to the new drive:
Next time you’re logged into a school owned computer (or if you’re on one now) open ‘My Computer’ and look under the category “Network Drives”. You should see a drive with your student username followed by: on ‘okwuss’ (L:).

That’s it. You’re connected! Just be sure when you are using a school computer you save all your work to your L: Drive.

Off-Campus and from the Dorms – Personal Computers

Ok, now for the best part accessing your data from off campus from any where in the whole wide world…

…or from your dorm room:

Open your favorite web browser (Internet Exploder, Flier Fox, That Apple one? – Whatever you use — probably the one you’re using right now to view this blog) and go to: (The easy way to remember this is OKWU Student Storage = OKWUSS). You should see this screen:

Ok to explain how to log in we are going to role play and pretend we are the following example student. To make this work for real what you need to do is replace the example student’s info with your own.
Let’s Begin, say your parents were cool enough to give you a wicked sweet name like: Joshua Ryan Bell. Oklahoma Wesleyan University would have most likely, although not always the case, given you a username like: jrbell. Let’s then say when you came through the line at registration your freshman year (and since we know you never change your password) you chose a super secure password like: Ipay2Much4College. To log in you would use:

Username: OKWUjrbell
Password: Ipay2Much4College

THE END and don’t forget that OKWU part in the username field (it’s kind of important).

NOTE: If you emailed us a password that is different from the one that you use to log into the school machines and wireless internet (Active Directory) – DON’T USE the one you sent us. Use the password that logs you into the school computers and onto the wireless internet. What? Then why did I make you send me a password? I don’t know, I was bored.

Now go…Don’t think about it…Just do it…