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I Love Learning

I do recommend OKWU to anyone who is considering taking college courses. When people ask me what school I attend, I proudly tell them I am a student at OKWU and then I immediately send them the link to the university website.

I consider myself a sponge for knowledge. I know it sounds funny, but I love learning and OKWU’s curriculum is exceptional. It has to be because it made a believer out of me. Before attending OKWU, I had only attended traditional classes. Two or three different times, I enrolled in online courses and then dropped out. I was convinced I was not an online student. That all changed when I took the introductory course at OKWU. I became hooked on the idea of taking courses online.

There are a number of things I enjoy as an online student at OKWU. One of them is the weekly spiritual discussion. I look forward to them because I find myself reading more than the assigned scriptures. Many times, I find the scriptures are right on time with something that may be going on in my life. Sometimes, my posts can become a personal testimony. Also, I enjoy reading my classmates’ posts. Even though I can’t see or hear my classmates, I do get to learn about them by reading their posts. There are times I find out we share similar views regarding the topic of discussion.

Another thing I enjoy is getting to know the different professors. They are all so very different. Even though all of my courses are online, sometimes I get to learn something about the professor by communicating with them through emails and/or through phone calls. I have always enjoyed working with numbers and I was actually looking forward to taking the Accounting course in the bachelor’s program. My professor was Dr. Christopher Anderson. I was enjoying what I was learning in the course when my world was suddenly turned upside down. Due to some unfortunate circumstances, my husband and I found ourselves homeless. We were forced to place all of our possessions in storage.

I remember while we were working hard to move our stuff into the storage unit, I was praying and asking God how am I going to continue with my classes and is this the end of the road for me at OKWU. Then, the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said to snap a couple of photos of the full storage unit and email them to my professor. I did email the photos to him and explained what had just happened to us. He immediately responded. After that, he would call me about once a week to check on how my husband and I were doing. Each time he called he prayed with me and for me. I would be so moved I would cry every time. Despite all that I was going through and with Dr. Anderson’s prayers, patience, persistence and his love for the subject, I was able to pass the course. I can still vividly recall the phone call with Dr. Anderson when he had graded my final. He was so happy for me that I passed his course. I will never forget that. So, when I finally made it to the OKWU campus for my graduation ceremony in May, 2014, the first person on my list of people I wanted to personally meet was Dr. Christopher Anderson. And thanks to Ms. Janet Lightfoot–she made it happen. I did get to meet Dr. Anderson, and I got to thank him personally for everything he did as a Christian and also as a professor at OKWU.