Faculty Rank Qs

What is the Faculty Rank & Promotion program?

Faculty ranking allows the University to recognize and reward those faculty who have shown diligence, commitment, and growth in professional skill and effectiveness. Faculty ranks involve a modest increase in adjunct pay, preferential or priority scheduling of courses, some level of guaranteed teaching assignments, participation in AGS faculty leadership activities, and recognition of professional accomplishment through digital badging.

How many faculty ranks are there?

There are 3 ranks. Adjunct Faculty, Senior Adjunct Faculty, and Master Adjunct Faculty.

What are the requirements for each rank?

You can view the specific requirements and benefits of each rank on this AGS Faculty Ranking & Promotion info graphic (PDF).

How do I apply for promotion?

We will be launching a web-based application system for rank promotion and other professional development badges soon. Stay tuned.

What if I currently have Master or Senior status?

You will retain that status. However, new requirements will apply to your credentials from here on out: credential expiration & renewal (3 years), maintaining credentials through faculty development activities, annual faculty evaluations, etc. Promotion to a higher rank will be done using the new system.

Who will keep track of everything I am doing towards faculty promotion?

You will. However, we are trying to make that process easy on both you and us using our digital badging system. Badges are issued for the key training or development activities. You have the option to collect and manage your badges using Mozilla Backpack, a free service for digital badging. You will also be responsible for providing additional evidence of any outside training events or accomplishments you wish to be considered for your promotion application.

What if I do not wish to participate in the Faculty Development or Ranking program?

That is certainly up to you. We will not require our faculty to use these tools or take advantage of ongoing professional development opportunities. However, those who do participate in the development and ranking system will be given teaching and scheduling priority over those who do not. Also, adjunct faculty credentials are no longer open-ended. They automatically expire after 3 years unless there is active participation in some kind of training or faculty development.

What is the expiration date of my credentials?

Faculty rank credentials will be good for 3 years. Credentials can be automatically renewed by earning 3 professional faculty development badges within that 3-year time.